Why Us

    As the market for custom crystal engraving continues to flourish, the choice of partners becomes crucial.
    Prismuse, professional crystal crafts factory, as a direct seller engaging with customers, stands out from other dealers. Let's compare and highlight our advantages.


 Other Dealer

Superiority in Raw Material Quality

Factory direct sales, we lay the foundation using carefully selected premium materials, ensuring each crystal engraving is of high quality with vibrant colors and exceptional transparency.

Counterparts relying on dropshipping may compromise on material quality, potentially leading to subpar crystals or lack of transparency.

High-Spec Laser Engraving Technology

We introduce industrial-grade high-spec laser engraving machines to guarantee precise detailing, presenting exquisite craftsmanship in every aspect.

Dependence on household engraving machines makes it challenging to ensure product details and accuracy, affecting overall engraving quality.

Types Of Crystal  We have high-quality crystals in various shapes, such as icebergs, hearts, circles, cubes, and cuboids, and also with special surface techniques such as cut edges, cut corners, and wavy edges. Only have common shape crystals, without surface techniques.
Types Of Bases We have bases made of crystal, solid wood, walnut, beech, metal, plastic, along with multifunctional music bases, rotatable bases. With bases are of a single variety, only plastic or wood base
Additional Cost Free text engraving, free gift box packaging. $5-$10 text engraving cost, ordinary carton packaging, gift boxes require an additional $12-$20.

Professional Design Team

Our professional design team offers free customized designs based on customer requirements, ensuring each product is one-of-a-kind.

Lack of direct control over engraving design may result in products lacking uniqueness and individuality.

Specialized Sales Team

Equipped with a specialized sales team, we directly engage with customers, providing attentive pre-sales and after-sales services to ensure customer satisfaction.

Due to the dropshipping, middlemen may lack professional sales personnel, leading to communication challenges and inadequate customer service.

Offices & Warehouse Strategy

With 2 production facilities and offices in the United States and China, 5 warehouses in USA, China, UK, French and Germany, we implement a global supply chain, reducing delivery times and offering more convenient logistics services.

Typically having only one warehouse may result in longer delivery times, increasing customer waiting periods.

Shipping Cost Worldwide free shipping and tax included.  Additional charges $10-$40 apply for delivery.
    Prismuse, factory direct sales of custom crystal engravings demonstrates clear advantages in material selection, engraving technology, design customization, sales services, and logistics. We are committed to consistently delivering outstanding quality and professional service, crafting unique crystal engravings for our customers.
    Choose factory direct sales for quality and trust.