Photo Requirements

Prismuse photo engraving process is designed to showcase the best visual effects, and in most cases, only half-length portraits are retained, excluding full-body portraits and backgrounds.
Due to the smaller size of pets, full-body images of pets could be preserved.
If you have specific requirements in this regard, please contact us before or after placing your order.

Regarding uploaded photos, based on our experience, we can offer the following suggestions:
1. Ensure that the portraits and pets have complete heads.
2. Pay attention to the orientation of the crystal, whether choosing horizontal or vertical photos.
3. Positioning the heads of portraits or pets close together will save engraving space, allowing for larger facial details.
4. Ensure the clarity of the photos; larger-sized photos result in better engraving effects.
5. Images that are too small, blurry, or screenshots are unavailable for engraving.

If you have any questions about photo requirements, please feel free to contact us for confirmation before submitting your order.