About 3D Engraving

What is 3D Inner Engraving?
3D Inner Engraving crystal is a novel decorative material that combines digital technology with traditional crystal manufacturing processes to create highly realistic patterns and 3D effects.
These patterns can be engraved inside of glass, presenting a remarkably beautiful effect when illuminated.

The Production Process of 3D Inner Carving
To produce 3D Inner Engraving crystal crafts. First, the designer will draws a 3D image based on the engraving content provided by the customer. Then, the designer will converts the designed pattern into a digital model, which is subsequently cut using equipment such as lasers or cutting machines. Finally, polishing process is performed.

Characteristics of 3D Inner Engraving Crystal Crafts
1. Aesthetic Appeal: 3D Inner Engraving technology can produce highly realistic, vivid, and lifelike effects, surpassing traditional glass art in aesthetic quality.
2. Durability: 3D Inner Engraving crystal crafts utilizes high-quality K9 crystal material, offering greater durability than ordinary glass and an extended lifespan.
3. Safety: 3D Inner Engraving crystal crafts does not produce sharp shards when shattered, unlike ordinary glass.

Colors of 3D Inner Carving Patterns:
Laser engraving is achieved by tiny laser etchings at specific drawing points beneath the crystal's surface. As a result, the finished product features semi-transparent white patterns, and the original colors of the photos cannot be fully replicated in the middle of the crystal.
The advantage of internal engraving is its neat and distinctive appearance, making it suitable for long-term preservation without fading.
The unique detail restoration of the engraving exceeds 90%, with clearer photos providing better results. Unlike the photolithography, 3D laser engraving cannot achieve 100% color and detail replication of the original photo.